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4 février / hiver

Jongl’ Ô Païs 2020

Jongl’ Ô Païs 2020

4 février / hiver

Gluwhein du nouvel an

Convention organisée du 29 décembre 2019 au 3 janvier 2020 : http://www.les-nazes.com/fr/gluhwein.html

Welcome to the F.J.A. website

The F.J.A is a non-profit association, created to support french jugglers. His main goal is to promote juggling through france, by ensuring the organisation of the yearly French Juggling Convention in a diffrent city every year.

In 2014, we are going to Poitiers to Mamagame(1) all together.

This year, Toulouse hosted the 36th European Juggling Convention, on the same site choosen for the 20012’s national edition, but much bigger.

(1) ndt : Mamagabe is the Poitier’s juggling association.

Speaking of what, a little message from the organisers :
last Year’s European Juggling Convention, wich was located in Toulouse, lost money...
Here are a few numbers :
- betwin 4000 ans 5000 jugglers from 42 nationalities,
- a budget of about 600 000 euros
- a loss of 40 000 euros
- a 20 000 euros help from the European association
- There is still 20 000 euros to pay at the moment.
you can contact us by mail at : info.afj.asso.fr

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